"We are BBN Tech Co., Ltd that helps business using technologies. We provides business owners with unique and smart solutions to empower their business to next level with high profit. We do everything with our best efforts to impress our customers and partners because we care of their business growth."

BBN Tech Co., Ltd. is an IT solution company, which has been established as a limited liability company (LLC) or partners since January 2013. Our company provides IT solution and consultation with reliabity and high quality to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Such as hotels, guesthouses, coffee shops, restaurants, online shops, companies, NGOs, INGOs, and other state institutions.


To grow both vertically and horizontally by ourselves to the top as a regional and then worldwide preferred IT solution provider.



  • Unique consultion
  • Smart solution
  • Flexible techniques
  • Multiple options
  • Reliable services
  • Professional skills
  • Friendly supports
  • UI/UX experiences
  • High imagination
  • Incredible benefits
  • High productivity
  • Less challenges & risks


  • Passionately learning
  • Always stay updated with new technology
  • Share knowledge for better growing
  • Discover new things
  • Forward/Backward strategy
  • R&D
  • More collaborative work
  • Never stop growing
  • Non-stop producting


  • Marketing, marketing and marketing
  • Sales, sales and sales
  • Grow, grow and grow
  • New idea and opportunity findings
  • Loyal customers
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Difference options
  • Repeat-business strategy
  • Social networking


  • Social understanding
  • People understanding
  • Social impact solutions
  • Useful and helpful products/services
  • Social contribution
  • Social helps & charity
  • Environmental protection
  • Better living solution
  • Better & Further country development


When it comes to providing excellent service and an exceptional professional touch at an affordabletech price, our company beat others hands down.

We at (bbn-tech) are experience specialists in the provision of high-quality technical service for enterprises, SMEs, and other businesses.

For years, we have conscientiously, strived to build a reputable brand that is solely client focused, and we can boldly say that goal has been achieved, and our customers now rate us as the best service provider they have ever had. Our innovative approach has given our customers an edge ahead of their rivals.

Our service comes with only one aim which is putting our customer’s business ahead of that of any competitor. We are focused on your business being ahead and we tailor your service to match each customer’s business. In other words, we do not engage in one size fits all service, rather we take a look at your business as a whole and come up with unique design and approach that will set your business apart from the rest. We make your business the lead while others follow you behind. Great isn’t it?

While we glory in the praise our esteemed clients are lavishing on us; we are more than resolved now to not only maintain our reputation as the best in providing top notch service but grow in making our customers business our business by creating an unbreakable bond with our customers.



We provide all kinds of E-commerce platform and payment gateway integration to all kind of online business from small to large.

Desktop / Mobile Application

We love creativity and user first approach. We build responsive websites with Mobile First approach with SEO focus.

Web Design & Development

Desktop and Mobile applications have become crucial tools for all kinds of business. We exist to build high-end platform to ensure endless business operations.



2nd Floor of New Steung Meanchey Market
(#9A, Veng Sreng Blvd, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA)